Sale Mandates

NovitasFTCL specialises in advising:

What differentiates us

Services provided could range from strategic advice on the range of potential strategic options to the straight execution of a sale mandate, depending on client needs and preferences

Sale mandates could take the form of:


Key Considerations

  1. Preparation for exit can take many months – planning and timing is critical
  2. Confidentiality of the process and the possible impact should your intentions become known in the market (staff, clients, competitors)
  3. Identifying the various target acquirer groups based on the strategic value drivers and developing the acquisition rationale for each group
  4. Running a rigorous process with dynamic tension ensures the best terms are achieved
  5. Knowing what’s important to you, the sellers: price, the continuation of your brand, a good home and opportunities for your management and staff, corporate cultures
  6. Transaction structuring: sale of shares or assets, tax optimisation, upfront consideration / certainty value, deferred consideration (ensuring this is under your control and achievable), cash vs shares, lock-ins and incentivisation of key staff, warranties, indemnities and retentions

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